Brut Metodo Classico

Straw yellow colour with golden highlights, fine and persistent perlage, aromas of toasted bread crust, exotic fruits, flavoursome and balanced candied fruit, long and persistent finish. Enveloping sensations.


Pinot Nero


Fermentazione a 16°C in acciaio e presa di spuma secondo il “metodo classico” a 12°C.


Circa 36 mesi sui propri lieviti in bottiglia


4° C



The perfect flavour makes it an excellent aperitif, or it can be combined with shellfish and oysters, great with all spicy dishes and excellent with grilled and smoked fish.

Un vino che accompagna l’intero pasto, dagli aperitivi e sfiziosità fino a secondi piatti elaborati.

La Storia

After centuries of wine culture and tradition, Principe Pallavicini has completed its range with a high quality sparkling wine, which perfectly represents the vision of the Italian Classic Method. This project was the result of Dr. Carlo Ferrini’s dedication, winemaker at Pallavicini Cellars, who transformed his passion for sparkling wine into a tangible success; a joint project and vision shared with the company owner Don Sigieri Diaz Pallavicini Duca della Vittoria. The first experiments started in 2012 with researching of various cuvees across the most renowned Italian production regions.

This is how Pinot noir was immediately approved by both as was the choice of the area: the Oltrepò Pavese (beyond the Po river), which traditionally, produces top quality grapes. By such method, a great sparkling wine was created, the fruit of a collaboration resulting from friendship and the desire to share a dream that came true thanks to the patient work of scientists and wine producers, helped by expert oenologists who took care and pride over every single production stage until disgorgement, with love, patience and dedication.

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